Matto’s Zen-Inspired* Generative Art

*Zen is part of a rich tapestry of Buddhist and Taoist traditions, and I feel obliged to also list Ch’an, Tantra, and Taoism as other philosophies that are integral to my spiritual practice and that inspire my life and work.

Project 1: Ensō

This is a rendering of Ensō #0 (at 2668 x 2668 pixels). It is the first token minted by the Ensō program on the Ethereum mainnet.

This JavaScript-powered generative project will create 1,000 individual and unique (1/1) NFTs that are hosted immutably on the Ethereum blockchain.

Learn about the history of the symbol called ensō and how Zenerative started, see examples of existing Ensō tokens, and render any previously-minted token at high-resolution!

Zenerative Vision

Additional NFT projects are planned, each with its own special features and qualities.

Project 1, Ensō

    • Add JavaScript to known languages (10/15/20).
    • Launch NFT project and website (3/22/21).
    • Add print-resolution render tool (5/23/21).
    • Announce rewards: ‘Ensō Water Paintings’ (7/21/21).
    • Snapshot owners to airdrop ZNRTV tokens* (8/1/21).
    • Giveaway 10 prints (8/15/21).

Project 2, (revealing soon!)

    • Launch generative NFT project on Artblocks.io.
    • Auction a manual recreation of a minted NFT for charity.
    • Create a meditation center in CryptoVoxels.
    • Snapshot owners to airdrop ZNRTV tokens*.
    • ???

(Additional Projects!)

Freestyle Haiku Poetry Token

    • Put all Freestyle Haiku poetry on-chain.
    • Launch NFT project and allow purchase with ZNRTV tokens.
    • Giveaways!

And hopefully…

    • Create a DAO to promote traditional Eastern spirituality (Zen and others) in the crypto space.
    • Create a treasury of NFTs from Zenerative projects and reward donors with ZNRTV tokens.
    • ZNRTV token holders become voters/owners of the DAO.

*The airdropping of ZNRTV tokens requires a lot more legal preparation than expected. For now, I’m snapshotting owners for a future drop.

About Me (Matto)

Art, code, martial arts, and Eastern spirituality

I’ve been an artist and a programmer since I could draw and use my high-school’s computers. I found a deep connection to Asian culture and aesthetics in grade school, and in college, I devoted my energy to perfecting myself through martial arts and spirituality. You can read more about my background in this short essay.

Martial arts: I’ve mostly studied Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Wu Su, but I’ve also practiced other Kung Fu styles, Shorin Ryu (Karate), Tae Kwon Do, and Tai Chi.

Spirituality: I practice a version of Buddhism that is very close to the Japanese Zen Buddhism, but with elements from the Chinese Ch’an Buddhism and Indian Vajrayāna. The philosophical side of Taoism resonates with me, and I use both moving and seated meditation in my practice.

Poetry: Starting in 2010, I’ve written over 1250 spiritual and haiku-like poems on FreestyleHaiku.com. For me, writing poetry is more than self-expression; it’s a meditation in presence, awareness, and communication.

I’d love to interact with you online! Find me on twitter as @MonkMatto, or find me on Discord as Matto#7777.

Here I’m practicing Tai Chi outside Union Station in Washington DC. Photo by Augen.

Environmental Responsibility

As an individual, I purchase 1MW of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) every month from terrapass.com to more than offset my regular crypto-activities. For every Zenerative project, I also buy RECs to more than offset its environmental impact. You can be assured that the purchase of RECs does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, and in fact, is contributing to reducing climate change.

12 MWH of RECs were purchased for Ensō.