Airdrops & Giveaways!

I have a lot planned for my collectors, but I don’t want to limit my giving to only them. I love adding value to my projects and giving back to the community. With Zenerative projects, I can – and am – doing both.

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Ensō Water Paintings

Ensō Water Painting #6. See the full video loop on Opensea.

100 Ensō Water Paintings were created to reward lucky buyers of my Art Blocks project Ensō.

Dice was rolled and recorded, paintings were made with water, video recorded each painting’s creation and evaporation.

I rolled a set of dice 100 times to determine each painting’s features and to determine which Art Blocks Ensō mint numbers should receive a free token airdropped to their wallet. For the first 10 (Ensō mints 0-9), I rolled a 7, and Ensō #7 is a winner. For the next ten mints (10-19) I rolled a 5, so Ensō 15 is the winner. Get it?

To ensure that a person would receive one, they’d have to buy 10 Ensōs in a row starting at #xx0 (ex 0-9 or 540-549 or 870-879). Because of that, I value each of these at a minimum of 1.08 Eth, but these are gifts that I’m sending out for free.

Technical info: metadata & files on Arweave.

Environmental info: 12 MWh of Renewable Energy Credits were purchased to more than offset the climate impact of the gas required to create and send these NFTs.

Ensō Print Giveaway

I gave away 10, 12×12 inch prints (13×13 inch paper) to lucky folks who entered a giveaway on my discord. Winners did not need to own an Ensō token in order to win. The prints were all of Ensō #139 which is owned by the Zenerative artist address. Each came with a signed certificate of authenticity. Prints were sent all across the globe, including Taiwan, Australia, Canada, and the US!

Ensō Owner Prints! (coming soon)

(Please forgive the bad lighting in this quick, phone pic!) Hand-stamped, 20×20 inch archival prints coming soon!

  • Archival 20 x 20 inch prints on 24 x 24 inch Hahnemühle Torchon fine art paper.
  • Hand signed, numbered* and stamped with Matto’s stone chop (that he carved himself).
  • For current owner only (and future buyers, too).*
  • *Every sale at floor price or above allows the new owner to order a print. Each print of each Enso will be numbered accordingly.