The Zenerative project has many goals that both rely on, and include, the metaverse!

(Cryptovoxels, Cyber, and The Sandbox!)


Cyber Galleries

In the following galleries I present Zenerative NFTs that I minted myself. I hope that they show a nice glimpse into the possibilities that the larger projects posses. Please don’t consider these tokens or the traits they exhibit to be more valuable that other tokens; these are just the ones that I minted for myself and for Zenerative project uses.

I also minted 100 reward tokens that I airdropped to lucky Ensō owners. Visiting the gallery might challenge your device; they’re all videos!

View the collection on or Opensea.

Zenerative Center

The official Cryptovoxels gallery for Zenerative projects, located in in the center of San Francisco.

Currently showing: FOCUS Collector Sets!

Sets on display were submitted by their owners, are displayed with their permission, and are installed and curated by the algorithm’s artist, Matto. If a set is broken, and the new owner would like the set taken down, please DM Matto with your request on Twitter or Discord.

Note, the gallery is preparing for FOCUS minting, set-making, submissions, and then installation! (So it’s empty right now.)

Last but not least, a Zenerative experience in The Sandbox is also in developement!