Print your own Zenerative art!

Pro tips from Matto


(Print & paper examples coming soon!)

Trusted Printers

I’ve used dozens of professional print services over the years, and two stand out: WhiteWall (international) and Bay Photo (US-based). Both offer a premier level of service and museum-quality products.

I’d choose a Hahnemühle Fine Art paper; either Torchon (high texture) or 100% cotton Photo Rag (low texture). Both are Acid- and lignin-free and conform to ISO 9706 for highest age resistance.

You can’t go wrong with a 15×15 inch (WhiteWall) or 16×16 inch (Bay Photo) print on 100% cotton Photo Rag. If you’d like the paper to have texture and can accommodate a larger size, I’d go with a 20×20 inch print (from either service) on Torchon paper.

Both these services will frame the artwork for you–and as an ex-gallery worker at the George Eastman Musuem of photography, I can tell you that a quality frame is incredibly important for the enjoyment and protection of a piece. I used to frame my work myself, but a professional job is always superior.

Notes on Printing

  • Consider the nature of the artwork when selecting paper. As Ensō is meant to imitate a sumi-e painting, a matte-finish paper or textured paper might look more natural than a glossy paper.

  • Photo prints are generally 300 dpi (4800 pixels divided by 300 pixels per inch (dpi) equals 16 inches). You should not print a 4800×4800 pixel image any larger than 16×16 inches, but you can absolutely print it smaller!

  • The signature stamp on Zenerative pieces is placed aesthetically for their primary medium: crypto/digital image. If you order a canvas print stretched on a frame, you need to be careful about the edge handling. You should either ask the printer to ‘mirror’ the edges or print them with a solid color edge so that the NFT image isn’t stretch over the sides of the frame.

  • Professional printers are very good at their job, so if you ever have a question specific to your printing need, just ask them! You can of course reach out to me, but I may not be able to help much, especially if you’re using a printer other than the two I’ve listed.

  • When it comes to framing your piece, there are many aesthetic choices you’ll need to make. I must suggest that you choose an archival & acid-free mat, and glazing that is glass or UV-blocking acrylic in order to best protect your investment.

I’d love to see your Ensō on display!

If you put an Ensō on display, in the real world or in the Metaverse, I’d love to see it! Tweet me @MonkMatto with a picture to get my attention! Someday, I’d love to put a gallery up on this site, and I’ll need your help to do it. 🙂

This is a high-quality mockup (digital render), created by – zJorge/Gnaber of the Artblocks Discord. Thank you again!